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Feng shui, the utility of the mirror
- Dec 01, 2016 -


The most suitable in the inside of the wardrobe door. Looked at chest, right behind the cupboard door, install the mirror the most ideal. When need to mirror, open the closet door, according to close after that.

The benefits of this arrangement, is the mirror of the home won't [light].


Is a gold mirror, mirror put, couple had the greatest influence. Master room mirror reflected in the master bed, especially the head of a bed has a mirror reflection, don't represent husband and wife flexed neck, there is even a third party. In a couple of rooms, placed a mirror is not affected by encouragement. Mirror often represents the increase in more than a single star, or increase in a star wife, Mrs Increases the flourishing, star or stars, are against marriage. So whether couples don't want gold or gold, mirror is placed in the bedroom, is very dangerous behavior.

In front of the mirror door. The mirror is unfavorable can't door to the room, because the mirror mirror god, each door is subordinate to the keeper, so if the mirror on the door, it will frighten off everyday protect our keeper, and make a easy card Yin in the room. Mirror of proper according to berth: in the middle of the night to be afraid of yourself in the mirror and will hurt yuan is god's. In addition, the mirror also easy to let the couple often turned against bed, and there will be the other half appear the possibility of an affair.

Mirror is embedded in the ceiling, so there's a phrase said: "the mirror down, all day to fight, the mirror up and possessions are not". Mirrors on the ceiling, usually the people below will take gas, costly, your health, so the mirror much less of the hotel. In front of the mirror desk: mirror should not be easy to distract the reader inside the study. In addition, the dominance of wenchang permit don't like to see a mirror while reading. In front of the mirror bathroom door: the mirror is unfavorable in the face of the toilet door, can let a couple sit when dealing with things, and let the male sexual function weakens in the home, women are easy to have a gynecological problems.

According to berth: straight people wake up from sleep, in the mind is not clear to be reflected in the mirror or spooked by the French window in themselves. Mirror is the best and the head of a bed side by side, if possible, hid the mirror inside ark, when I opened the cupboard door.

The TV screen is equivalent to a mirror, also had better not straight at berth. Both sides of the bed if there is a big mirror, will easily lead to insomnia, dream, etc.

The main entrance is not straight as: if straight to the door, can let a person suddenly felt someone bump on the opposite side, for the guests are not familiar with the environment will be startled.

Front of the pier glass in the door, there is stop mammon overtones, complacent pier glass is put in the porch place that take the door to suit.