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Look in the mirror will be stressed
- Dec 01, 2016 -

A lot of women like to look into the mirror, in fact, men look in the mirror is not in the minority, this is normal. Everyone has the heart of beauty, of his looks also very seriously. But according to recent British psychologist studies show that often look in the mirror will make too much psychological pressure. About the look in the mirror, according to a survey of the average British woman look in the mirror every day 38 times, male 18 times. Women about their image in the mirror more picky, with 80%.

The institute of psychiatry in London psychologists believe that some people with body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). Such patients strongly believe that has some part not good-looking and exaggerate the "defect". But in others, they may not have what place is not the same as others. The disease of unknown causes, but most of the patients with a history of depression. Many patients with body dysmorphic disorder will draw heavy makeup or wear many clothes, to cover up "defect". At the same time, they will always look in the mirror, just in case "defects" was found. For the study of look in the mirror for these people, the influence of the institute of psychiatry, the researchers recruited 25 patients with body dysmorphic disorder and 25 healthy people, men and women each half, let them accept the two tests. Test for the first time, researchers had their mirror 25 seconds, according to at least 10 minutes for the second time. Volunteers to fill in the questionnaire before and after the two tests, allowing researchers to assess their level of satisfaction of appearance.

Researchers had previously speculated that look in the mirror will make the body dysmorphic disorder patients feel anxiety, even only according to 25 seconds. Test results confirm this idea. Researchers didn't expect, however, is that healthy volunteers to look into the mirror more than 10 minutes later, began to appear the symptom of anxiety and stress. The researchers say, everyone likes to look in the mirror from time to time, however, most people with mental health not so long time to look into the mirror, "analysis" of your appearance.

Leeds university school of medicine, says Andrew hill, a similar study shows that people often do not look in the mirror of the mental health will focus on their favorite parts of the body, but those who have psychological problems will focus on the parts don't like. But if you look in the mirror, the time is too long, healthy people will shift focus to the parts of discontent. Hill said: "look in the mirror for a long time may not be a good thing."

Enhance their self-confidence, enrich their spiritual world, pay attention to the beauty of mind, you can overcome the interest of look in the mirror.