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The application range of the brush
- Dec 01, 2016 -

Industrial brush main application scope has five aspects: dustproof, polishing, cleaning, polishing, painting.

1, dust brush, brush dust is the main purpose of the installation in industrial equipment, assembly line, doors and Windows and other parts of the inlet and outlet, to prevent dust through these gaps in, pollution equipment and products, so the requirement of wire brush is a high elasticity, better lubrication on the brush surface, best with flame retardant special occasions, wear resistance, anti-static function, such as the escalator safety brush belong to the category of dust brush, but a higher requirements.

2, polishing brushes are mainly used for deburring was carried out on the surface of the parabolic, fine grinding and other processing, so should according to different requirements to determine the types and characteristics of wire brush, if you are a strong degree of electroplating and polishing the surface of the steel plate, etc to do, that the ideal should be bronze wire brush silk, if is general metal materials surface derusting and deburring processing, then use the wire with better hardness;

3, cleaning brush is one of the most widely used industrial roller brush, commonly used in agricultural and sideline products deep processing of fruit and vegetable cleaning and general cleaning and dust cleaning detergent industry, the requirement to the wire brush to better wear resistance, high elasticity and resistance to corrosion and ageing, long time work is not easy to deformation, if wire brush performance is not good, when the objects in a certain position for a long time will cause the brush roll groove, destroy the function of the use of roller brush, serious can cause even the whole brush roller scrap;

4, grinding brush used less, general industrial grinding will directly to complete with grinding wheel, abrasive, these are not within the category of industrial brush, but used for textile mill processing, with containing silicon carbide abrasive wire brush roller, contained inside of abrasive wire mesh (density) of silicon carbide to be ground fabric to the effect of the strength and the need to grind out the appropriate adjustment.

Brush used for cleaning cleaning, paint, transportation, degreasing, squeeze film, dust and powder; Polishing, cleaning and other applications. We can customize for you a variety of sizes and all kinds of wire brush materials plant brush, meet your application requirements.