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The classification of the puff
- Dec 01, 2016 -

Commonly used powder puff is divided into two kinds of powder wet and dry powder.

Wet powder puff

Also called sponge puff

- used to daub pink colour makeup function, can make the foundation the detail parts evenly coated in the face.

Type - on the market have a rounded, a diamond, triangle, rectangle.

A round puff - the area is large, feel is good, suitable for playing the part of the larger area, such as the entire face and body powder. Especially suitable for beginners, is also a studio makeup essentials.

B diamond, triangle puff - smaller, contact with the skin area is small, for some small parts, such as nasal profile, T zone, chin. Easy to carry, is especially suitable for location filming makeup and the bride makeup and makeup services. But the area is small, render time is long, and not easy to take hold, the technique has certain requirements, suitable for experienced a makeup artist.

Using tips - in when making up every time, should use powder puff clean side, which ensures that makeup face lifted, durable, clean.

Use skills - before use a clean piece of new powder puff, puff shall be soaked for a period of time to take it out again, repeatedly squeeze dry with a dry towel, keep the wet powder puff. Can puff wetter will play on powdery bottom,,.

Cleaning techniques, can put a sponge into the left side of the surface, the surface of the right, in the left, right four parts inside, according to different types of powdery bottom, each use of a part, use after four times to wash clean thoroughly with soap. Sponge absorbed at the time of use because of the water in the foundation and become damp, easy to cause the bacteria multiply, so carefully cleaning is very necessary, can guarantee the safety and health of skin. Hundred flatters thousand jiao

- the best maintenance method after each cleaning powder puff can put it in ventilated place, let it dry naturally, not directly exposed to the sun basked.

Reminder - if the powder puff frequently after cleaning and skin tactility become bad, edge appear broken condition, replace the sponge. In the studio, can save the old powder puff to body powder.

Color feature -- will powder, dry powder is thin and uniform on the face, at the same time can also play the role of a base.

Type - the dry powder puff on market according to the material is divided into cotton and chemical fiber.

Cotton puff, makeup girl standing appliance. Its quality is good, feel good, strong adsorption ability, easy to calm makeup.

Chemical fiber powder puff, price is low, but is not recommended, the guest feel uncomfortable.

According to the shape points can unpick and wash and cannot unpick and wash. Generally it is recommended to use can unpick and wash, convenience, health.

Using tips - just buy powder puff also need cleaning before use, make the skin feel soft and comfortable. Puff to keep the surface, don't make its surface hardening. Are used in the process of the whole makeup to puff, so experienced makeup artist will be equipped with two or more clean powder puff, convenience for the replacement.

Cleaning techniques - dry powder puff best cleaning every day, ensure clean, it is important to keep the makeup of the clean. If lost when using soft tactility, need to clean with soap. Puff after cleaning, do not use hand twist, with a dry towel roll extrusion, and then thoroughly dry in the shade. If the powder puff to dry and become hard, usable hand gently knead.

Maintenance methods -- try to puff independently in a box, in order to make sure its clean, don't with other cosmetics products mixed color.

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