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The material of the brush
- Dec 01, 2016 -

Planting brush wooden or plastic brush, brush nails into brush by machines. Flocking brush body together with the shaft or pipe supply together with end journal. Shell type brush brush blocks can be fixed to the tubular body, this structure makes without removing the shaft brush can be simple and easy to replace.

Using special plastic wire brush brush roller dedicated Yu Gangliang shotblast cleaning equipment, and materials for the brush roll is used to clean blasting materials on the surface of the machined part. Brush roll by section 2-4 fixed on the driven shaft of the brush blocks. When the wire brush wear, can brush to brush a body to refill, and then to use again.

For health reasons, for example: in the food industry, sometimes have to seal punch in order to avoid the penetration of bacteria. In these applications, all the punching mold resin sealing, in order to obtain uniform surface, sealing and protecting the brush wire material.

Brush can be all kinds of length, shape, diameter, using different brush wire material. Brush brush wood or plastic body, if the customer need, can provide the steel shaft. Because the brush structure has an infinite possibility, we provided each application to plant brush custom services. Advanced production facilities enable us to produce various sizes, all kinds of wire brush brush, meet all application requirements.

The brush wire embedded pressure in article galvanized steel or stainless steel, through the machine winding into the shape of a spring, maintain good density of spot welding on the circular shaft of new varieties of industrial brush density is higher, is not easy to drop hair, is a high grade product of brush!