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The structure of the brush
- Dec 01, 2016 -

Brush wire material

1, the elasticity of PBT, silk is nylon wire brush is better, but wear resistance less than 610, PBT, the performance of the soft, the most suitable for precision parts cleaning decontamination, such as car surface cleaning;

2, nylon 610 (PA66, PA6) wire brush abrasion resistance is good, has the characteristics such as high temperature resistant to acid and alkali resistant, good elasticity, suitable for family dusting and cleaning brush components, such as vacuum cleaner brush, brush roller, brush platform, etc.

3 the flexibility of nylon 1010, nylon 612 or the best, the cost is the highest, but wear resistance less than 610, have more outstanding performance appearance, impact resistant, anti-aging, such as performance is very good also, the most suitable for industrial equipment and Windows such as dustproof department; General also need to have fire retardant anti-static function;

4 brush silk, polypropylene (PP), has the acid and alkali resistance and other properties, but the elastic is not very good, long work easy deformation difficult to restore, so is suitable for the industrial dust removal and cleaning for the rough parts, such as terminal of dust removal in mines, sanitation trucks sweeping brush, and so on;

5, PE wire brush is a few class wire in a soft brush, often used in car cleaning brush, and raising technology, facilitate the car paint surface protection;

6, bristle valuable objects are often used to wash bath brush or polishing, such as gold, precious stones, such as the piano surface processing, also can be used to polishing carbide;

7, horse hair is soft bristle, are more likely to remove float ash, commonly used in high-grade household cleaning products, or is suitable for the removal of float ash and other industrial purposes;

8, metal wire, such as steel wire, copper wire, is generally used in metal surface deburring processing, such as its wear-resisting performance is good.

9, abrasive nylon (points of silicon carbide abrasive wire, aluminium oxide abrasive wire, diamond abrasive wire), can have very good abrasion resistance and acid-proof alkaline, commonly used in the surface of the PCB processing, steel pickling line, and metal processing, polishing, deburring, etc;

10, sisal brush wire, has the very good toughness, high temperature resistant, oil absorption, is often used to brush pot or high temperature, oil use purposes.