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There are many different kinds of brush material
- Dec 01, 2016 -

Brush material to a wide range of USES is the earliest natural wool, the so-called natural wool, which refers to such as bristle, wool collection rather than synthetic materials used directly. Such as for bristles, wool, horse hair and so on material properties also have differences, according to the use environment of customer choose to use.

A, natural wool

1, bristle

Bristles are derived from pigs, in general, only take MAO once a pig's life. Bristles are used to make many kinds of brush, one of the most common is a bristle brush. Shape, bristle with human hair from roots to ends from coarse to fine, such features make bristle has good elasticity; In addition, at the end of each hair there will be a little bifurcation; Common bristle brown (white) or black in color. Bristle durability and excellent water resistance, can also anti-static, resistance to high temperature and alkali.

Pig hair brush

Pig hair brush

2, wool

Wool is soft, elastic slightly insufficient, wool to brush after used to brush besmear brushs paint won't leave scar. In addition to make the paint brush, wool is often applied to the hair short and soft hair brush, such as cosmetic brush.

3, horse hair

Horse hair softness between bristle and wool, horse tail hair will be a little hard than pig mane; Horse hair good toughness and wear resistance, but not resistant to acid and alkali, made brush more applied in polishing, cleaning, dust removal and other related industries; With the material of horse hair brush can be resistant to the high temperature of 190 degrees Celsius.

4, white, brown

White and brown is to use some agave plant fibers processed wool, alternaria alternata from Mexico, so the inline more said "Mexican white brown"; White brown good acid and alkali resistance; Due to its itself is plant fiber so good water imbibition; White brown can be 140 degrees Celsius temperature, suitable for use in manufacturing leather details play light brush polishing operations.

In addition, sisal, is one of the natural materials used for processing the brush, sisal performance similar to white, brown, also used to more processed into polishing brush, commonly known as "article sisal".

Second, man-made fibers

Nylon brush

Nylon brush

Synthetic fibers, nylon (PA), PP, PBT, PET, PVC and other plastic wire, the materials with low production cost, color variety, stable quality, unlimited length, and so on advantages, is widely used in modern brush processing, especially industrial brush, the synthetic fibre usage greatly more than natural wool.

And in all the artificial materials, nylon (PA) is one of the largest, usage and classification of the most, because of the difference of characteristics of nylon yarn, divided into the following kinds:

Nylon 6 (PA6) : nylon 6 in nylon family belongs to the optimal price inexpensive, nonetheless, nylon 6 still has a good recovery, temperature resistance and abrasion resistance. The wool was widely used in all kinds of brush on the finished product, is the most common of all kinds of brush wool market.

Nylon 66 (PA66) : compared with nylon 6, nylon 66 in the same wire diameter, its stiffness, restorative, wearability is slightly better, heat-resistant up to 150 degrees Celsius.

Nylon 612 (PA612) : nylon 612 is relatively high quality nylon, its low water imbibition, restorative and abrasion resistance are better than nylon 66. In addition, the nylon 612 with mildew resistance and antibacterial properties, the article made of round brush, brush, etc. Often used in food, medical, electronic related industry.

Abrasive abrasive nylon, nylon brush is nylon 6 or nylon 612 filament material adding silicon carbide (SIC) or (AO) of alumina abrasive particles after synthetic filament, the industry also into grinding abrasive wire or wire, the brush made of finished product with abrasion resistant properties, are various according to different wire diameter and mesh.

The above is the common use of the nylon type, in addition, the following is other heavy usage of artificial wire brush.

PP, PP is the biggest characteristic density less than 1, the test of woolen material when the number should root in the water, if floating in the water can be initially determined for PP material; PP MAO cross-section oval; In addition, the elasticity of PP is poor, many times after bending was difficult to recover the same; The heat to 120 degrees Celsius.

PET: PET durability and resistance to high temperature close to the properties of nylon; In addition, PET also has good resistance to acid and alkali, alcohol, gasoline, benzene and most of the cleaning solvent, both quite antimicrobial properties, it is not easy to mildew.

PBT: PBT, wool with acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance and other advantages, but easy to hydrolysis under high temperature.

PVC, PVC low cost, short service life, wear resistance, so the industrial brush less use PVC as wool, to avoid the frequent replacement of brush. PVC wire brush can make front fork, the industry known as the "flower", often for broom and other household cleaning brush.