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Bath Accessories Different Occasions
- Sep 04, 2017 -

Bath Accessories Different occasions

The use of the drawer in different occasions

Hall, bedroom

In the evening we often sit in the living room or bedroom on the sofa while watching TV while eating snacks, readily picking a pumping paper (pumping carton custom to the paper), wipe the hand, wipe his mouth, you can also wipe the stain on the coffee table The Coffee table is the guest area, the use of people will be more, each piece of paper separated from each other to facilitate health. Before dining, please remember to have just washed the hand with a paper towel dry, or throw the water into the dish, will be very embarrassing. After dinner, of course, remember to wipe the mouth of the greasy; clean up the table, you can also use a paper towel to dry the wipes left to keep the desktop dry.


The kitchen is the world of oil, but as long as the napkin to keep clean, like oil nowhere to escape. Before cooking, you can use napkins to dry the surface of vegetables, so that you can avoid the pan when the oil star splash; cooking, it is best to use a napkin wrapped cooking spoon handle, both to prevent oil pollution, but also to prevent Burn; cook finished, clean up the kitchen, but also to use the napkin to dry the surface of the cabinet to the water, in order to keep the cabinets commonly used in new; ready to wash dishes, you may see greasy dishes when the first frowned The Do not worry, first with a paper towel will be more greasy dishes first wipe again, and then hot water or detergent cleaning is much easier. In this way, but also save water, reduce the amount of detergent, water pipes are less likely to plug.


Bathroom, of course, ultimately, pumping paper. What kind of toilet paper is best suited? Must be soft texture, can be a good protection of our skin, and flexibility should stand the test. At the same time, in the bathroom wash table also need a box of boxed paper, then wash hands, readily wipe, the body relaxed and dry. Pumping the new product is endless, beauty ladies carry with, both convenient and health, so that the complexity of the beauty program becomes more simple, paper towels become the ladies of the new fashion. Many women often nail polish scratched, and did not wash the water in the side and embarrassed, a pack of small size of the napkin can help you solve such problems. Wash a paper towel can be ten nails clean, put a bag on weekdays handbags, they are foolproof.

Carton size is the major business for packaging products, whether it is a variety of daily necessities, food in your life almost every time I can see, but most people will hand the carton, carton discarded, or To the recycling unit. I do not know this large and small cartons also contains the role of education. In the low-carbon life today, we from time to time to promote environmental protection of children, in fact, children do not really understand the meaning of environmental protection, only know that environmental protection is to protect the environment, not litter.

1, cartoon artistry

Now the carton packaging exquisite, fully embodies the rich and colorful art. Not only in the shape of the carton in the pattern design is varied, full of tricks.

2, the safety of the carton

Carton is paper products, with soft and hard moderate features, easy to fold for easy transformation. As long as the choice of clean, moderate hardness of the carton as a working material can provide security for the protection.