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Bath Accessories Home Textile Products
- Jul 28, 2017 -

Bath Accessories Home textile products

Bathroom accessories Bath towels are one of the indispensable home textiles in home life, but people tend to ignore their cleaning and maintenance because they seem "small". Where the text of home textiles to remind you, bathroom accessories bath towel to regular cleaning and drying, do not just hang.

You will not think of large and small bathroom accessories bath towel, if you use a microscope to observe the toilet when the splash of small water droplets, you will find that they can even splash into a few meters high, so any bacteria in the bathroom are possible Go to your bathroom accessories bath towel up, and our toothbrush may also be able to escape.

If you put the bathroom accessories bath towel place closer to the toilet, or it is best to transfer them to a safe place, from the toilet at least 3 meters away, you can also put the bathroom accessories every day bath towels into the sunny enough balcony or window "Bathing in the sun. Especially in the family who have recovered from a cold or cough after a few days, in addition to hard bath bathroom accessories bath towel, but also should use all the bathroom accessories bath towels soaked and washed.

Skin sensitive, dull skin, skin condition deteriorating, etc., are due to subcutaneous small inflammation caused. This time, you have to pay special attention to the bathroom accessories bath towel health, towels do not have to be "luxurious", but often new, new must be more than the old safety and health.

Rubbing the towel of health can not be ignored, many people think that rubbing bath towel in the rubbing after the bath simply to wash it can be kept clean, in fact, otherwise not. Most of the twist towels are double-decked, and are easily covered in the space between the lining and the surface, and are not easy to remove.

Rubbing towels and bathroom accessories bath towels are dirty, because in the shower when the body of the sludge and dander due to external force is hidden in the gap between the towel fiber towel, if only a simple wash, simply can not put Wash the towel and wash it clean. The best way is to try to keep the bath towel clean, hygienic and dry, and then put it in a ventilated or sunny place to dry. Rubbing the towel price is not high, conditional circumstances should be guaranteed often change the new.

Alternative use editor

1, used as a pajamas, both warm and convenient;

2, as a blanket to use, at noon on the sofa watching TV or nap a moment, can be used as a blanket cover, the thickness just right;

3, can be used as a baby's quilt, the baby's special quilt, blankets are usually more expensive, adults quilt too much too heavy, with bathroom accessories bath towel when the baby's quilt size is appropriate, not too heavy. The most important thing is, wrapped in the baby who is not easy to be kicked off. Even in the winter, you can also wrap a layer of bathroom accessories bath towel, and then covered with quilts.

4, can also be a gift as a gift lover or friend, because in life everyone will use the bathroom accessories bath towel.