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Bath Accessories How To Buy
- May 25, 2017 -

  Bath Accessories Accessories for the bathroom, like a woman wearing jewelry for the costumes, to create a bathroom atmosphere does have the effect of finishing touch. Therefore, creative, simple and elegant, elegant quality, and the bathroom with the overall accessories with the favor of consumers. According to him, with the "build details of the bathroom" concept of deepening, bathroom accessories in the material, color, shape and pattern have undergone great changes, consumers also have A greater choice of space in the end how to buy bathroom accessories?

  Bath Accessories Purchase method The bathroom mirror is divided into ordinary mirror and anti-fog mirror. Anti-fog mirror is divided into coating anti-fog mirror and electric anti-fog mirror. The former through the coating micropores to prevent the form of mist layer; the latter by electric heating to mirror humidity, fog quickly evaporate, which can not form a mist layer. The mirror should be viewed from the front, side, and vice versa to observe its quality, a person looking at the mirror generally only focus on their own image in the mirror, and did not pay attention to the mirror in the mirror behind the straight line objects, when you gently move the line of sight , If the straight object is not bent deformation, which is a very good quality mirror

  Open storage rack is one of the trends in recent years. The use of crystal clear glass, mirror made of storage rack, and then marked with bright lights, the bathroom will become more angry. In addition, the bathroom can also be covered before the construction of a wall, the use of niches recess to decorate the higher decorative items. But if the bathroom space is not big, the first thing to consider is to make full use of space, such as the use of mirror boxes, wash basins made of storage cabinets and so on.

  Towel bar, toothbrush holder, mouthwash cup, soap box can help you to arrange the table in kind; exquisite toilet brush, storage barrels may become the bathroom space in the scenery, can not ignore the bath mats, pad selection, they not only Play the role of non-slip, but also to naked feet.

  Bath Accessories If you are a single water supply, you should choose a faucet faucet, if it is cold, hot water diversion supply, a water inlet faucet can not be selected. If it is a regular hand with oil, soap liquid when used, you should not choose the rotary faucet, choose to lift the faucet more convenient. If you need to quickly adjust the water temperature and flow, it is not appropriate to use double handle type faucet, it is best to use a single handle. If you need to change the location of water, it is not appropriate to use fixed faucet, but should use the mobile. Therefore, according to the requirements of the water source and the use of the correct choice of faucet, which lift the hot and cold mixed water faucet has a larger scope of application, in the bad to determine the exact use of the way, you can use this faucet.