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Bath Accessories Sanitary Ware Accessories
- Jul 12, 2017 -

Bath Accessories Sanitary ware accessories

It is understood that different sanitary ware in the texture, the basic functions of the difference is not big, color, mold making the degree of difficulty, style, old and so on is the main reason leading to the emergence of price difference. Sanitary ware also belong to handicrafts, style style changes quickly, as the market as any ordinary consumer goods, the popular product prices naturally high, and Chen goods manufacturers through the sale of the way to deal with the price is also common sense. In addition, some supermarkets launched a series of special products as the highlight of DM mainly to drive popularity, but this product is very small, and soon sold, many consumers can not really buy such ultra-low-priced products.

Insiders revealed that the market there are consumers do not know the market was business '忽悠' situation. Some businesses, especially small and medium-sized brand products for consumers like to bargain of the psychological, often take the false price of the machine to fight the beautiful way, 'Huyou' consumers. It seems that consumers buy more time to ask, shop around is necessary. Wu Ming that consumers choose to look at sanitary ware brand is also very important, some brand-name products seem to be the same as ordinary products, but in the key accessories, installation, warranty, etc. are still very different. The world's top sanitary ware products work elegant, and most of their own matching hardware or good texture of plexiglass, plastic and other accessories.

These sanitary ware accessories are extremely elegant and luxurious texture, in addition to pure copper chrome or nickel, imitation gold and other surface treatment process, there are 18K or 24K gold gold-plated metal parts, very delicate. Sanitary ware style, feature updates soon, in the pursuit of quality of life today, people will be based on their own needs to update the bathroom products. Moreover, the installation of sanitary ware in the entire home decoration is only considered a small project, the replacement is not trouble. Flotation machine manufacturers, sand washing machine, crusher manufacturers

Insiders believe that the bathroom hardware accessories market space. Bathroom accessories a lot, but probably including the mirror, toothbrush cup, tooth cup holder, soap table, towel bar, towel rack, hooks, paper tube frame, hanging hook and toilet brush box. Bathroom accessories due to frequent use, product updates quickly, are consumables, in addition, looks like a beautiful art, easy to attract consumption. According to nine is building materials network to understand, from the material point of view, the current hardware on the market to titanium alloy, pure copper chrome, stainless steel chrome three kinds of materials. Titanium alloy hardware is the most exquisite, but the price is the most expensive, the price in a few hundred or even thousand; pure copper chrome products can effectively prevent oxidation, quality assurance, is the mainstream of the market, the price of about 100 yuan ; Stainless steel chrome prices the lowest, more than one hundred dollars, but the shortest life. From the color point of view, these new generation of bathroom hardware products are mostly out of the original hard cold stainless steel color, silver and brass occupy the mainstream now. Bathroom hardware is the modern home bathroom decoration essential decorative materials, the current popular bathroom hardware and the types of materials are relatively rich, generally different materials, bathroom hardware, which reflects the texture and advantages and disadvantages are also Different, today Xiaobian here for you to analyze the following analysis!

Bathroom hardware material analysis:

1, stainless steel Material:

   Advantages: not afraid of wear, no rust. Disadvantages: single style, work in general.