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Bath Accessories Soft And Comfortable
- Oct 17, 2017 -

Bath Accessories Soft and comfortable

Shower cap on the human hair is no harm, as long as not long-term wear on the hair no harm. Shower cap should be a big impact on the scalp, so your scalp can not heat and the pores of the scalp can not breathe. But wash your face so little time should be ok, that is, do not use the kind of dry hair hat. Say what strong water so that the hair quickly dry, in fact, just finished hair should let the scalp full breathing right. For a long time will make hair deterioration or even lose hair. But wash your face no big problem. Really want to take care of their hair, go buy a wide hair with the same as wearing a hair card in the forehead, and then the hair tied up on the line. When the shower cap is shower with a shower (the north is called a bath), in order not to wet the hair or make the ear is not easy to water, used to wrap the hair and ears of the waterproof cap. It is made of high quality waterproof cloth, beautiful and stylish, soft and comfortable, waterproof and breathable, is the ladies bath, hair care, beauty and makeup makeup on the makeup of the essential goods. Such as long hair, you can put the first disc and then put on the hat, so that you in the bath, make-up when the sense of fresh, convenient; use, please hang dry, and can not be exposed. Shower cap - shower cap wear

Bath cap type; baby shower cap, children's shower cap, disposable shower cap, shower cap berets, shower cap dry hair hat.

1, first hair tied into a horsetail

2, the hair tightly, to the left around

3, down around the purpose of the disk into a circle

4, will be stuffed into the plate into a good bun

5, and then wear a bath cap. Do not near fire or sharp objects, so as not to damage.

Note: Do not put the hair directly into the bath cap, especially the hair is very long, very thick people, will only make more chaotic. Hat production editor

1, the cloth up and down fold, and then folded around, cut out square.

2, along the side of the square as a radius of the circle, draw the scale to draw the arc.

3, cut along the arc, open is a circular.

4, the four corners of the circle, for a time to give an average distribution of rubber bands.

5, followed by rubber band first suture.

6, and the rubber band is also painted into four equal parts, one will be better seam.

7, and then the rubber band and round cloth side seam.

8, and then lap a lap even more beautiful it!