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Hairbrush Brush Process
- Jul 12, 2017 -

Hairbrush Brush process

1, horse nail machine planting brush: the most traditional brush system, brush or brush the surface of the plate after punching, the use of horse nail hair machine will be a bunch of bristles into the brush roll or brush plate, with this Crafts made out of the brush products are the most widely used, first, lower cost, brush as a consumable, the cost is to be considered. But the horse nail hair made of brush roller has several shortcomings: First, the density is not enough, because the perforation of each hole between the holes must have a certain spacing, there is no distance can be implanted high-density effect, in some special The industry requires high-density brush roller to work when you can not use this horse nail machine hair brushing roll; Second, the brush wire binding fastness is not enough, the so-called horse nail hair method is the use of wire through a groove was pressed into "U "Type buckle, used to hold the brush after the hole into the red hole," U "type buckle in the hole after the cross hole into the hole, so that the brush wire on the roller, but the tension is limited , If in some special industries need high-speed operation of the brush roller, this process to make it is not ideal.

2, the spring brush: spring brush made of the brush to solve the problem of high density, fastness and other issues, the first time through the brush equipment will be brushed by a wire into the aluminum or stainless steel strip made of Brush, and then wound on the roller, the two use of sub-pot welding welding, in some special industrial production, but also need to make a certain gap with the spring brush, because to take into account the special effects such as dust.

3, the pressure table brush: the brush wire are closely arranged together, and then into a specific mold with steel sheet through the punch made into a piece of a brush wheel, in the system can be used when the brush roller multi-chip series Fixed together on the roller shaft, this process made of brush brush wire density can be the highest, but the disadvantage is the higher cost, and the system to do the slow efficiency.

4, injection molding brush: the brush wire is arranged into a special mold, and then use the injection of the brush wire and brush together to form a combination of the advantages of this process is that the bristles of high adhesion has been with the brush plate Integration of the current sanitation car sweep brush is made with this process.

In the PCB manufacturing process used in the grinding brush roller function can be divided into two categories, namely, grinding brush and cleaning brush roller, and grinding roller is the vast majority of cleaning brush roller only finished in the final cleaning or grinding The final cleaning used, the number is relatively small, so collectively referred to as grinding brush roll.

Grinding roller according to the use of materials are divided into: nylon needle brush roll, non-woven brush roller and ceramic brush roll three categories, they are used in the use of their own characteristics.

Nylon needle roller as the PCB manufacturing industry's first use of the brush roller, has a long history. According to the different manufacturing process is divided into strip winding, weaving, slotted embedded, round hole embedded and plastic plate implanted five. One of the strip winding, weaving and round hole embedded three manufacturing processes can ensure that the nylon needle brush wire wire density and can control the uniformity of nylon needle brush wire, it can fully meet the different needs of various customers.

Nylon needle roller according to the nylon needle brush wire with different abrasive is divided into silicon carbide (SIC) abrasive, alumina (ALO) abrasive and pure nylon, whether carbonated or alumina abrasive particle size distribution range is 25 # --- 1500 # between. Nylon needle roller is characterized by long service life, grinding effect is moderate.

Non-woven brush roller is a kind of brush roller which is used in the PCB manufacturing industry. It is divided into two types: Flap type, Disk type and Sponge type. Radial (Flap type) and disk (Disk type), due to material, density and processing technology with different, and therefore can meet the different needs of various customers.

Ceramic brush roll into the PCB manufacturing industry is the industry in recent years, the new trend, this brush roller is particularly suitable for plug hole ink removal and PTH post-processing, but because of its high cost, combined with the recent non-woven brush roll has developed a similar function Of the brush roll, ceramic brush roll market share to be the kind of brush roll to further reduce the cost of further expansion.