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Hairbrush Healthy Brain
- Oct 17, 2017 -

Hairbrush Healthy brain

Hair combing is an integral part of dressing, and the right comb hair can beautify the appearance, protect the hair, health the brain and so on. The head is "the first of the sun", the body of the twelve meridians and seven by eight pulse also convergence here. There are dozens of head acupuncture points, accounting for about 1/4 of the body acupuncture points, there are more than a dozen specific stimulation area, so the hair combing the effectiveness of health care. In the hair combing process, through the "Baihui", "four gods", "star" and other acupuncture points to stimulate the hair can increase the blood flow,

Horn comb

Enhance the activity of melanoma cells, and increase the number of hair globular melanoma cells, UFA's "nutrition" will be able to add.

Also, in the human scalp, the distribution of many blood vessels, nerves, sebaceous glands, sweat glands, etc., hair can not only remove dandruff and grease, and when the comb in the head back and forth gently across, can stimulate the nerve endings, through The cerebral cortex to regulate the head nerves and let the head of the state of tension to relax, promote blood circulation, so that hair follicles, sebaceous glands. Sweat glands are fully nutritious.

For the comb material, plastic is not appropriate, Chinese medicine that comb, especially jujube wood, boxwood comb comb the best. More luxury, you can use the horn comb or jade system, it is not just on the hair, but also on the health of the guarantee, such as horns comb with heat to the health of the role of fire, often combing hair with peach combs to avoid evil Wait.

Horn is a traditional Chinese medicine, made with it is the best choice for care of hair combs. With the angle comb hair, you can clean and not stained, itching and not pain, warm and not hanging hair, as well as accelerate the scalp blood circulation, can enhance immunity, Qingyan Liangxue, analgesic itching, to prevent static electricity, , Deodorant hair care, Shujinhuoxue, soothe the nerves, promote hair growth and other unique health effects. The function of the comb is far more than combing the hair, it can also be in your hands as a small health supplies, play health, fitness effect. But also can promote hair growth

Comb hair health

Head of the highest part of the human body, there are important points of the human body. Often comb the hair with a comb, can be sparse


Through the meridians, blood circulation, improve scalp and intracranial nutrition. With the brain feeling too tired, a few minutes before the hair will feel relaxed and comfortable. In front of the amount of the beginning to the uniform power to the head, pillow, neck order comb, and then comb the left and right side of the head, and the comb teeth and the head surface vertical action, slightly faster as well, generally every time under the comb 100. The comb used to make the best wood.