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Hairbrush Perform Local And Body Massage
- Aug 09, 2017 -

Hairbrush Perform local and body massage

Brush can not only be used to comb the hair, the same can be used as massage tools, local and body massage; we all know that the body has a certain role in each point, so just find the acupuncture points for massage, you can get no small health effects, The following is a specific introduction, we take a look at it Hair - refreshing, anti-insomnia often comb can promote sleep. Song Dynasty people Guo Shangxian in his book "Qing Bi" wrote: "combing feet long life, lying when the small peace." So for those who often insomnia, often hair, may receive unexpected results. In addition to improving sleep, hair also helps to disperse the head of rheumatism, promote the head blood circulation, nutrition hair, reduce white hair, prevent hair loss, relieve headache, reduce fatigue. Especially for high blood pressure, atherosclerosis patients, through the hair to stimulate the Baihui points, the temple and the wind pool points have the role of blood pressure, blood pressure caused by vertigo has a special effect. Hair health, preferably sooner or later each time. With the brush along the meridian direction, starting from the middle of the forehead, with uniform strength to the head, pillow, neck comb, and then comb on both sides, the action should not be too slow or too fast. Generally about 100 times per comb can be. "Comb" back - anti-back pain Chinese medicine often said, "General is not pain, pain is unreasonable." Office white-collar workers often sedentary, over time will be muscle stiffness, poor blood, back pain, especially the vest, always feel that what should be used to feel comfortable with hard objects. At this time, if the comb back or comb handle often beat back or massage the back, you can play the effect of massage back points, and thus through the meridians, promote blood circulation. Whether men or women, urban white-collar workers may wish to prepare a brush in the office drawer, work for some time, took out the brush beat back, ease the work fatigue, at any time to maintain strong energy. "Comb" neck - anti-cold modern research shows that massage Dazhui acupuncture can enhance human immunity. Dazhui acupoints in the lower end of the neck, the seventh cervical spine under the depression, it is the hand, foot and Sanyo by Du and the intersection of points, whether it is hand Sanyang or foot Sanyang, there are collaterals distributed to Dazhui , And Du will meet. With comb back or comb handle often massage Dazhui, can improve the body's immune capacity, prevention of colds, malaria, cough, cervical spondylosis, shoulder pain and other diseases. Especially in the autumn and winter season, the sudden change in temperature, especially easy to cause a cold, so often with comb back massage Dazhui, away from the cold, to protect the health.

Make good use of brush massage, a lot of benefits

  Brush is equivalent to a scraping board, not only finishing the hair function, as well as massage health, prevention of disease efficacy. While combing health,

You in the persistence, the course of time can see results. "Health theory", said: "every time combing the next one or two hundred, longevity."

Here to see with the brush to comb the different parts of the body of different effects.