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Mirror A Brief Introduction
- May 25, 2017 -

  Mirror A mirror is a surface that is smooth and has an ability to reflect light. The most common mirror is a flat mirror, often used by people to organize the appearance. In the scientific field, the mirror is also often used in and telescope, laser, industrial equipment and other instruments, with regular reflective properties of the surface polishing metal devices and metal reflective film of glass or metal products, often set in metal, plastic or wood System of the border. Mirror sub-plane mirror and curved mirror two categories. Curved mirror and concave mirror, convex mirror of the points, mainly used for makeup mirror, furniture accessories, architectural ornaments, optical components and solar cookers, lights and searchlights of the mirror, reflective telescope, car mirrors, etc. The

  Mirror The reflection of the mirror against the light obeys the law of reflection, which depends on the angle of the incident light, the smoothness of the mirror, and the nature of the metal film. The imaginary line perpendicular to the mirror is called normal, and the angle between the incident line and the normal and the angle of the reflection line are equal to the normal line. The plane of the mirror in front of the mirror after the virtual image, like the distance from the mirror and the distance between the object and the mirror equal. If you want to see the whole length from the mirror, because the angle of incidence is equal to the reflection angle, the mirror must have at least half of my length. The reflecting surface of the concave mirror faces the center of curvature.

  Mirror The parallel light is incident on the concave mirror and then converges to the focal point (f), where the focal position is 1/2 of the distance between the center of curvature (c) and the mirror. Such as cooking utensils placed in the focus of the large concave mirror position, can accept solar heating, become a solar cooker. Such as lights or searchlight light source placed in the concave mirror focus position can reflect the light parallel light. Objects in the center of the curvature can be reflected in the inverted image, such as reflective telescope. The convex surface of the convex mirror is the center of the curvature of the curvature, and the object is reduced in front of the mirror. It can reflect a wide range of reduced landscapes, such as car mirrors.

  Mirror Mirrors and scales are reflected in the measurement of female body, such as women with scales that their weight, so as to know from

It is fat or thin; but as women's perception of the United States more and more intuitive, more and more specific, the mirror will gradually replace the role of the scale in this. So "the home of the scales into a mirror" is more women to test whether they are a beautiful slogan.