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Mirror According To The Definition Of Points
- Sep 04, 2017 -

Mirror According to the definition of points

Makeup mirror how to buy?

Cosmetic mirror, usually refers to the makeup of the desktop mirror, also known as makeup mirror. Cosmetic mirror and the difference between ordinary mirror is that it has a different proportion of the enlarged surface, so easy to make-up.

First, make-up mirror classification

1, according to the definition of points, make-up mirror is divided into portable makeup mirror and desktop mirror.

2, according to the style to points, make-up mirror is divided into Chinese style, Korean style, Japanese style and European style.

Second, make-up mirror evaluation

1, need to evaluate the material and specifications of the product;

2, need to evaluate the smoothness of the mirror, with or without cracks;

3, need to evaluate whether the product style and the whole family environment consistent.

Third, make-up mirror to buy

1, to see the reflective effect: in the light lit places like, reflective good can;

2, look back: the back of the mirror with silver and red, the best choice of red;

3, look at the mirror will be deformed, fade, check the back of the mirror there is no liner in the back of the glass and back, lining paper and backplane should have, or mercury will be worn off.

4, look at the appearance: from all angles to observe the mirror, look at the mirror in the distant straight objects, slightly moving under the line of sight, if the straight objects are not bent deformation, indicating the quality of the mirror is good.

Four, make-up mirror with

1, portable makeup mirror, easy to carry, style and style diversity, the user can choose according to their own preferences.

2, desktop makeup mirror, general and bedroom dresser match, reflecting a certain degree of functionality and decorative, the user can choose according to their own preferences.

Fifth, make-up mirror cleaning and maintenance

1, usually wipe the mirror with a wet rag, clean up the dust, if there are other stains, can be accompanied by cleaning agent cleaning, wipe with a rag, you can use the newspaper to wipe, the effect will be better.

2, to regularly clean up the dust, to keep the mirror light, to avoid being sharp scratched and a strong collision. What color is the mirror? This looks like a very esoteric, contradictory question, but the answer is actually quite surprisingly simple and clear: the color of the mirror is very light and light green.

At least this is the case most of the mirrors you may often encounter. Most of the mirrors in the family are made of soda lime glass substrates and silver lined, this combination leads to the green tones of the mirror, although you can not see when you look in the mirror.

When the two mirrors are facing together, this very light color will become obvious, in this case between the two mirrors will be infinite reflection, resulting in a mirror called the tunnel (mirror tunnel) phenomenon.