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Mirror Cleaning Method
- Jul 28, 2017 -

Mirror Cleaning method

Why is the mirror afraid of moisture, mirror glass before use, generally have been ruled. Water vapor is easy to go through the glass knife from the side of the mirror into the mirror, corrosion mirror, produce moldy, rust point. Therefore, may wish to buy back the mirror, the first side of the mirror coated with a layer of paint, while also coated with a layer on the back.

1, do not touch the mirror with a wet hand, do not use a damp cloth to wipe the mirror, to avoid increasing the moisture into;

2, the mirror can not come into contact with salt, grease and acidic substances, these substances easy to corrode the mirror;

3, the mirror to use a soft dry cloth or cotton wipe, to prevent the mirror was scrub;

4, available soft cloth or emery cloth, dipped in some kerosene or wax wipe;

5, wipe the mirror with a cloth dampened with milk, the frame can make it clear and bright;

6, before bathing, soap can be coated with a mirror, and then wipe with a dry cloth, the mirror that is the formation of a layer of soap liquid film, can prevent the mirror blurred;

7, with a dry wipe dipped in the amount of detergent Ling painted in the mirror, evenly wiped open. Cleansing spirit contained in the active ingredient, can effectively prevent water vapor condensation in the mirror, can play a very good anti-fog effect;

8, can also use the convergence of the make-up water or detergent;

9, with oil-absorbing paper rub, the effect is good.

Currently on the market there are anti-fog mirror for sale, mainly coated anti-fog mirror and electric anti-fog mirror. The former through the coating micropores to prevent the mist layer; the latter through the electric heating to mirror the humidity rise, the rapid evaporation of fog, which can not form a mist layer, the value of this mirror is not cheap.

The mirror is very common in life, from the dressing mirror to the bathroom mirror, from the large mirror to the living room of the wall mirror, then the mirror how effective and clean cleaning troubled us a big problem. Some readers reflect the wipes with dry wipes will be found after the dry impression, if you use a dry cloth and scared scared mirror. The hardest thing to do is the mirror of the bathroom, after the bath a layer of water above the mirror, how rub is not clear. Here we will give you some advice on these issues, if you have the above problems, you may wish to try our way Oh

Small mirror or large cupboard, dresser mirror and so have dirt, can be soft cloth or sandwiches dipped in some kerosene or wax wipe, must not be wiped with a damp cloth, otherwise the mirror will be blurred, glass corrosion.

If you think the mirror is somewhat blurred, then use a cloth dampened with a cloth soaked in milk to make it clear and bright as new.

Bath, the mirror in the bathroom is often blurred by the steam, can be coated with soap mirror, and then wipe with a dry cloth, the mirror to form a layer of soap liquid film, to prevent the mirror blurred. Such as the use of convergence of the make-up water or detergent, can also receive the same effect