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Mirror Installation Method
- Oct 26, 2017 -

Mirror Installation method

Bathroom mirror in the bathroom to serve as a convenient for us to wash the role of the bathroom is an indispensable part. Bathroom mirror appearance, a variety of square, oval, egg round, etc., or a single overall, mirror edge edging, mirror carved, exquisite and practical, or as part of the bathroom cabinet, with mirror, bathroom cabinet, playing a unified Bathroom space. For the installation of the bathroom mirror Most families are installed in a common style to install, on the bathroom mirror installation skills are very much, bring people is not only a good mood, but also allows you to have a unique bathroom, The beauty of the bathroom space.

Many people in the installation of the bathroom mirror when they are installed in the tuning cabinet door, behind the mirror can also hide a lot of shelves, can be placed some daily use of sanitary supplies, for example, skin care products, toiletries And so on, can greatly enhance the storage space of the bathroom, because the bathroom space is relatively small, many daily necessities are placed on the outside will make the bathroom looks very messy, through this amount of bathroom mirror installation can be effective Finishing the bathroom space, let it look more neat.

 Bathroom mirror can also be used as a shower room cut off the screen, the installation of similar to the 100-window folding mirror, can give the space a lot of color. In fact, interesting ideas come from the details of life bit by bit. Can be considered to match the gray walls and black furniture, with white sanitary ware lighting space, plus the magic of the mirror, to create a dark bathroom with unique charm.

Although the installation of the bathroom mirror is very much, but in the installation of the time also need to be careful not to move and remove, do not use objects to hit the mirror to avoid broken wounding; floor mirror can move, but need to be completed by more than cooperation, And the placement angle and move the same before, do not let the children alone close or push the mirror. So before the bathroom mirror must be done in advance to set the program, so as not to change after the destruction of the bathroom space environment.

In the installation of the bathroom mirror when the need to punch the wall first, when drilling need to pay attention to whether there are tiles above the wall, if there is no ceramic tiles drill hole, and the need to use the diamond, otherwise it will lead to tiles and other problems , Hole after the need to expand the expansion bolts into them, and fixed, and then use the screws and other bathroom mirror to achieve a fixed, many people in the installation of the bathroom mirror will be used when the glass mirror to the bathroom mirror firmly fixed , Which can effectively avoid the rust caused by screws and other problems lead to bathroom mirror fall. The mirror in the bedroom, the rim of the mirror, bring a romantic atmosphere; the bathroom with a storage mirror, hidden in the private space more want to keep their own secret; and the concise mirror at the entrance hall, bring out more confident when going out Do you know the secrets of different space mirrors?

Mirror by material can be divided into two kinds of aluminum and silver mirror.

Family with a mirror according to the scope of use can be divided into bathroom mirror, make-up mirror, full-wear mirror, decorative mirror four. Which make-up mirror to magnify the glass mirror-based, the other to flat glass mirror-based. Here's a look at the mirror of each space!