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Mirror Look At Your Own Instrument
- Oct 17, 2017 -

Mirror Look at your own instrument

Mirror in the function of the home in addition to look at their own instruments, but also play a decorative, light effect.

Now there are two kinds of mirrors available for home selection on the market.

One is silver mirror, one is aluminum mirror.

First look at the production process of silver-plated mirror. The silver mirror is made of GB11614 standard in the standard glass glass or the equivalent of float glass glass grade glass or polished glass coated with a layer of reflective silver layer, silver layer coated with a layer of copper, then The mirror layer is a mirror of the protective layer, the silver layer is a reflective layer deposited on the glass surface by chemical process, has a uniform reflection property to the visible light, and the silver content in the silver layer is not less than 700 mg / m2. Chemical processes are deposited on the protective layer on the silver layer and are also complementary to the reflective layer. Therefore, the copper layer should cover the silver layer completely and the copper content in the copper layer is not less than 200 mg / m2. The paint layer protects the silver layer and the copper layer. The paint layer consists of one or more layers. At present, many manufacturers are composed of a layer of topcoat. For single-layer lacquers, the thickness of the lacquer shall be not less than 40 μm. In order to facilitate the detection of the relevant departments, the primer and topcoat use different colors and should be uniform.


1, reflectivity up to 92%, mirror realistic.

2, silver mirror center and edge is not easy to produce oxidation, corrosion and moisture strong, life is three times the traditional aluminum mirror, the product quality is better than the traditional aluminum mirror.

3, the back of the mirror can print company logo and specify the text, enhance product image.

4, the back of the mirror can be affixed with a special PE film made of safety mirror (can be applied to the flat film and the screen two varieties of safety mirror).

5, suitable for deep processing, processing into a variety of shapes of decorative mirrors, I plant with grinding oblique edge, polished edge, grinding round edge and other edge processing, made oblique mirror, edging mirror.

6, lead-free lead-free paint can be made of lead-free mirror to reduce the mirror debris on the environment pollution, suitable for environmental protection in developed countries in Europe and the United States requirements.

how to choose:

Select the silver mirror when the key is to see the mirror there is no black spots. Other if the use of the process of black bars, according to the degree of business requirements returned (regular manufacturers are allowed). The reason for the emergence of black bars is the manual or machine slices during the operation of the coating side agent uneven caused by local oxidation, the impact of normal use can be returned. As for some businesses launched anti-fog, waterproof, moisture as a product selling point, which are undesirable, all the silver mirror are waterproof and moisture-proof, anti-fog function in addition to electronic anti-fog mirror are basically different, the price The difference lies in the selection of the original film and the mirror, the domestic well-known mirror manufacturers are mostly used in Taiwan glass, CSG, Shanghai and Yao leather mirror the original film.

The advantages of aluminum plating is the low cost of production, so the sale of low prices, the disadvantage is prone to fly aluminum and mirror black spots and white spots occur, the use of easy lace, commonly known as running mercury, I believe a lot of friends in the hotel's washing table And the early hotel saw this mirror, with three months after the edge of the water ripples, the time for a long time the whole mirror is a pattern.