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Mirror Waterproof And Anti-rust Function
- Sep 14, 2017 -

Mirror Waterproof and anti-rust function

Household mirror 9

The household mirror has the following methods:

1. Mirror and room should be proportional. The mirror should be enough for the mirror to see the whole head. If the mirror is long, it should be good to see the whole body.

2. Mirror cannot be a middle school, the living room lens is easy to be distracted.

3. The mirror cannot be opposite the window, if there is someone outside the window, it is bad for others; If there is no one, it is not good for you, and there is light coming in from the outside.

4, the mirror is unfavorable and according to the head of a bed, some people like to pack in the master bedroom big mirror to examine their accession of high precision and actually don't have to, because the person is in sleep is the most weak, gas can mirror is easy to reflect the body's energy to go out right now, and easy dizziness, sometimes get up in the midnight to see the image in the mirror, breaks his startled.

5. The mirror should not be faced with opposite sides, because it can lead to the disturbance of the gas and back and forth.

6. The back of the head should not be taken after the sofa.

7. If it is not for the road, the gate should not have a mirror.

8. In general, the mirror can not be directly illuminated by any door, which can lead to the mouth and disease. If the door is open, the home can be sent out.

9, the mirror of toilet must have and can be slightly bigger, can send the pollution gas to go out, also have the use of dressing, in addition can increase visual area and expand visual space.

How to buy toilet mirror

The appearance of the mirror is various, have square, elliptical, egg circle and so on, how to choose when choosing a style that you like again have practical?

1, see appearance: should from the front, side and opposite angles to look at the mirror, generally you to look at the mirror of the time will only pay attention to yourself in the mirror image directly, not to pay special attention to the distance of linear objects in the mirror, you can just move the line of sight, if a straight line without bending deformation object, this is a piece of mirror with good quality.

2. Look at the style: according to the bathroom style, choose the matching style of the mirror to match the overall bathroom style. For example, some oval mirrors are more suitable for European style, and the square mirror is more suitable for Chinese style and so on.

3. Look for waterproof and anti-rust function: ordinary mirrors will become dim if they are placed in a damp place for a long time, and may even produce rust and falling off. Therefore need to pay attention to the mirror waterproof anti-rust function. Usually you can look at the person in the mirror at close range or not, move the eye up or down or around to see if the object is bent or not, and you know it's good or bad.

4. Anti-mist function: after the shower in the bathroom, there will be a lot of fog, causing the surface of the mirror to become blurred. The market generally adopts a custom anti-fogging mask, which is a semi-transparent polyester film that can be heated by electricity. Stick to the back of the bath mirror before use and try to make it flat and easy to use.

5, receive a function: bathroom space is generally small, considering the beautiful at the same time, other support function should also be taken into consideration, with some receive a function of the mirror can make up for the inadequacy of bathroom space, small mirror big use.