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Plastic Items Introduction To The
- Dec 01, 2016 -

Plastic products is to use plastic as main raw materials processed collectively living supplies, industrial supplies, it USES a resilient synthetic polymer materials.
Plastics and synthetic rubber, synthetic fiber to form the daily life indispensable three synthetic materials. Its manufactured from natural or synthetic resin as the main ingredients, contains all kinds of additives, and in a certain temperature and pressure conditions can be with molding into a certain shape, keep unchanged shape characteristics at room temperature.
Many plastic products can be directly used in daily life, but most of the plastic products or materials used in all walks of life. Plastic products in the field of packaging application development is rapid, in 1983 China packaging plastic products consumption of packing material third of the total consumption. China's agricultural plastic film production in 1985, has amounted to 25.2 kt, accounting for 10% of the total plastic products production, ranked among the top of the world.

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