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Plastic Items Specific Value
- Oct 26, 2017 -

Plastic Items Specific value

In response to the reduction of plastic products to bring the "white pollution", China introduced the "plastic limit order", but for now, 'plastic limit order' did not meet expectations. More surveys show that the use of plastic products does not increase or decrease, with the express delivery industry and take-away industry, the rapid development of plastic packaging consumption is also increasing.

According to "China's plastic products industry production and demand forecast and investment forecast analysis report" finishing data show that in May 2017 China's plastic products production 6.764 million tons, an increase of 3%, 1-5 months cumulative production of 30.47 million tons, an increase of 3.8%.

On the other hand, China's plastics industry has become with the steel, cement, wood to keep pace with the basic materials industry. The plastics industry is also one of the pillar industries of the light industry, while maintaining rapid growth and new economic benefits.

Data show that in 2016 China's plastic products manufacturing market revenue reached 3.24 trillion yuan, accounting for 4.35% of China's GDP. With the plastic industry gradually mature, improve the accuracy of plastic products, is expected in 2017 China's plastic products manufacturing market revenue will reach 3.38 trillion yuan, accounting for 4.26% of China's GDP.

With the improvement of living standards year by year, people's environmental requirements for plastic products have gradually increased, the green low-carbon industry consensus, only to continuously improve the quality of plastic products, broaden its use, to enter the high-end market, in order to usher in more development opportunity. Daily plastic products generally use PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) materials more. The main use of the basin, bucket, wash basin, plastic anvil, plastic chairs, part of the cup, sieve, and vials and other PE material production, which is characterized by soft texture and not fragile, corrosion resistance, , Easy to produce; and the texture is called hard, with translucent with PP, such as part of the cup, sieve, fresh bags, plastic wrap, vest bag, etc., home appliances plastic shells are also used PP material production, In addition, the texture is more rigid and tough than PE, more temperature (water temperature). Nowadays our daily life is almost every day to contact the plastic products. But how much do you know about it? The quality of daily plastic products mainly refers to the appearance of the product and physical and mechanical properties, some products must also consider its chemical performance or health requirements. As the daily use of plastic raw materials, different structure and use, its physical and mechanical properties that are not the same, here only a few commonly used test indicators. Specific gravity: Each kind of plastic has a certain range of the proportion of value, for the same volume of plastic said, than the weight, weight on the heavy, on the contrary, the proportion of small, weight lighter. For example, the same specifications, the volume of plastic cups, polypropylene (specific gravity 0.90-0.91) cup than polyethylene (specific gravity 0.91-0.96) cup light. Where the proportion is greater than 1, the products are sink into the water, and the proportion of less than 1, the product floating in water.

Tensile strength: Tensile strength refers to the plastic per unit area, in the specified time to be pulled off when the stress can bear. Its unit is kilograms per square centimeter.