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Plastic Products Performance Characteristics
- Dec 01, 2016 -

Light weight

Plastic is lighter material, relative density distribution is between 0.90 2.2. Foamed plastics, in particular, because there a microporous, quality of a material is lighter, relative density 0.01. This makes the plastic can be used to reduce the weight of the product production.

Excellent chemical stability

The vast majority of plastic of acid, alkali and other chemicals have good corrosion resistance. Especially commonly known as king plastic for ptfe (F4), its chemical stability is better than gold, even in the "aqua regia" boiled over ten hours also can't bad. Because the F4 has excellent chemical stability, is the ideal of corrosion resistant material. Such as F4 transport corrosive and viscous liquid can be used as the material.

Excellent electrical insulation

Common plastic is a poor conductor of electricity, its surface resistance and volume resistance is very big, with Numbers of up to 109 a 1018 ohms. The breakdown voltage, dielectric loss Angle tangent value is very small. As a result, the plastic in the electronic industry and mechanical industry has been widely used. Such as plastic insulated control cables.

Noise elimination and damping effect

Generally speaking, the thermal conductivity of the plastic is relatively low, quite steel 1/75-1/225, the microporous foam contains gas, its better heat insulation, sound insulation, shockproof sex. Such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) thermal conductivity was only about 1/357 of the steel, aluminum 1/1250. On insulating ability, single glass window plastic is 40% higher than the single glass window aluminum, 50% higher than double glass. Will be combined with hollow glass, plastic form used in residential, office, room, hotel, save central heating in the winter and summer air conditioning saving costs, benefits obviously.

Mechanical strength and high specific strength

Some plastic as hard as a stone, steel, and some soft such as paper, leather; From the plastic hardness, tensile strength, elongation and impact strength mechanical properties, such as wide distribution, there is a lot of use of choice. Because of the proportion of plastic small, strength, and thus has high specific strength.