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Silver Plated Glass Mirror Began In The Earliest Nearly 200 Years Ago In Germany
- Dec 01, 2016 -

Today all over the world can see the silver plated glass mirror began in the earliest nearly 200 years ago in Germany. In 1835, German chemist especially stu - von liebig - to develop a a very thin layer of metal silver coating to one side of a piece of transparent glass. The technology will soon be improved, and provided the condition for mass production of the mirror.

Modern mirror probably originated in the 19th century, but the origin of the mirror in fact more ancient. Vision scientist Dr Kay - Enoch 2006 published in the journal of optometry and vision, according to a commentary about 8000 years ago, Anatolia - now polished obsidian Turkish people create the world's oldest mirror.

4000 BC to 3000 BC, made of polished bronze mirror in Mesopotamia (today's Iraq and Egypt. About 1000 years later, central and South America people are made of polished stone mirror. At the same time, the Chinese and indians made of bronze mirror. In the first century AD, the Roman writer Pliny the elder in his encyclopedia "natural history" mentioned in the earliest record of using glass mirror, but then the mirror clearly not widely used.

Throughout history, different civilizations in various periods of various kinds of mirrors, but natural perhaps should be known as the mirror real inventor. Enoch wrote: "quiet pool of water and rock or soil containers of water are perhaps is one of the earliest mirror." Of course, these natural handmade mirror mirror and today than effect.

But not everyone in the world like a mirror. In the 1970 s, an anthropologist took the mirror to Papua New Guinea biya m isolated tribe, the people here for odd glance full of fear, not crazy.