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The Development Trend Of Plastic Products
- Dec 01, 2016 -

The development direction of plastic can be summarized as two aspects. One is to improve the performance, that is, in a variety of methods to existing varieties were modified, make its comprehensive performance was improved; The second is the development function, namely the development which has the function of the physics such as light, electricity, magnetic polymer materials, can make the plastic with the photoelectric effect, thermoelectric effect and piezoelectric effect, etc.

The world plastics industry development speed, Germany and Sweden in the first place, Japan and some European countries followed, more slowly in the United States. Foreign development trend of plastic packaging to present the following:

(1) copolymer composite packaging film: Europe and the United States some countries have a lot of investment in the development of non-polar, polar vinyl copolymer, etc., which will greatly improve the performance of plastic membrane stretched and co-extrusion and improve transparency, seal strength, resistance to stress, thermal fatigue, and enhance the stability, improve the molecular weight of cloth and extrusion rheological properties.

(2) more functional composite film: a large number of development abroad more functional composite film role further elaboration. For example: hardy film 20 ℃ - 18 ℃, -, - 35 ℃ low temperature environment; Moistureproof processing of PP moistureproof film, made the series of products can be divided into the moistureproof, prevent dewing, prevent the several types such as steamed cold, adjustable water; Anticorrosive film packaging perishable, acidity and sweetness of food; Friction film stacking stability; The special PE film chemical resistance, corrosion resistance; Add without peculiar smell insect-resistant moth-proofing film agent; In the two-way stretch nylon 66 heat-resisting membrane instead of the two-way stretch nylon 6 packing food, the high temperature of 140 ℃; New type of special food packaging film can improve the food packaging of incense; An amorphous nylon film transparency similar glass; High shielding film can protect color, aroma, taste, nutrition and taste quality stability; Liquid metal protective film with LDPE modified film packaging products, in low temperature environment can be heat sealing; With PP synthetic paper to improve the packaging of light resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, water resistance and wave resistance, oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and shock resistance etc.