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The Optical Properties Of The Mirror
- Dec 01, 2016 -


To the light reflection mirror obey the law of reflection, the reflection ability depends on the Angle of the incident light, mirror smoothness and the nature of the metal film plating. A imaginary line perpendicular to the mirror is called the normal, the Angle of the incident ray and the normal and the reflected ray and the normal equal Angle. Flat mirror in front of the object into a virtual image is made, after the mirror like and mirror distance and object and distance apart is exactly equal to the length of the mirror. If you want to see himself in the mirror the whole length, due to the Angle of incidence is equal to the Angle of reflection, a mirror must have at least himself half its body length. Concave mirrors reflecting surface toward the center of curvature.

Focusing on the

Parallel to the incident light to the concave mirror reflection after gathered in focus (f), the focus position in the center of curvature (c) and about 1/2 mirror distance. Such as cooking pot in large concave mirrors focus position, acceptance of sunlight to heat, become the cooker. Such as light or light source of the searchlight on concave mirrors focus position can make the light reflection of parallel light. An object outside the center of curvature can be reflected into the upside down real image, such as the reflecting telescope. Convex mirror reflector back to center of curvature, into a narrow is stands resemble after objects in the mirror, can reflect a wide range of shrink landscape, such as car rearview mirror