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Travel Items Chinese Folk Tourism
- Jul 28, 2017 -

Travel Items Chinese folk tourism

Chinese folk tourism

Chinese folk tourism - China is a multi-ethnic country, different ethnic groups have different folk culture. Mongolian Na Da Mu, Dai's Songkran Festival, the Han race dragon boat meeting, Qingming pilgrimage, family farm tour, Yao rural song and dance ----- customs million, countless.

China's historic city, the ancient Chinese tourism - China's ancient capital and historical city, historical sites and cultural relics, cultural heavy, involving a wide range of tourists have a strong attraction, into the city touch the great Chinese civilization.

Chinese quintessence tourism

The Chinese nation is a industrious and intelligent nation, and there are many inventions that make the world wonder and praise. Chinese drama, Chinese martial arts, Chinese traditional architecture, Chinese cooking techniques, Chinese medicine, calligraphy Chinese painting, tea, paper cutting ---- many categories, distinctive features. Chinese religious culture tour - Heiner rivers, compatible and storage, the formation of the Chinese nation's modesty of the ideological character. Totem worship, ancestral worship, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism - in the process of passing, leaving many tangible or intangible cultural heritage, still still affecting the Chinese people's thinking.

Chinese tourism projects are numerous, like the Chinese-made products, the origin of the cultural gene makes him very different from the foreign characteristics, he was unique and unique to attract the eight visitors.

Natural scenery tourism

China has a vast territory, the longitude and latitude across the wide. Located in the tropical, subtropical, temperate and cold belt, with a variety of beautiful natural scenery, there are numerous mountains and rivers. Natural scenery is rich in tourism resources.

China Adventure Travel

Nowadays outdoor adventure is becoming the choice of many people. Adventure requires not only physical and psychological preparation, but also the spirit of teamwork, as well as the choice of ways and lines. At present, the hottest top ten adventure routes are: Brahmaputra Grand Canyon, Loulan ancient country - Lobo Si Silk Road, Taklimakan Desert, Gaoligongshan - Nujiang, the Three Gorges, the sea, Qinling, Tea Horse Road, the two rivers and Lugu Lake daughter country.

Customized tourism projects

Custom travel content can be described as varied, whether it is destination, or accommodation and catering requirements, travel the main body, including family and friends and other different groups, but one thing is the same, that is, the exploration of the world's borders and different cultures Pursuit, there are more and more personalized service. Is the hottest project in the current tourism industry.

Development planning editor

Through the expansion of the concept of tourism development, strengthen the basis of planning and design concept, from the multi-disciplinary, multi-angle, in the tourism resources, location and other prerequisites on the basis of objective analysis, around the tourism market and industry development needs to fully study, Out of a cultural value, business value and marketing value of the industry strategy, product positioning and implementation of the program.