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Travel Items Consumerism
- Sep 14, 2017 -

Travel Items consumerism

Consumerism and disposable consumption. With the development of society and the progress of modern science and technology, people have been freed from the bondage of material extremes and thus entered the era of abundant food and clothing. But social products greatly enrich the not lasting prosperity but capitalist countries of two times of economic crisis, as a result of overproduction and traditional thrift principle has become the modern industrialized mass production the constraints of sustainable development, under this background, consumerism originated in the United States to become the new consumption values highly regarded, in a timely manner the hedonic consumption has become the doctrine of people's lives.

Social pressure and disposable consumption. Modern society is a society with high rhythm, high competition, high pressure and high efficiency. In this environment, people need to express their emotions, relieve pressure and realize their "value". In other words, consumption becomes an important channel for material satisfaction and emotional catharsis. One-time consumption is in such an intricate social environment, catering to the modern consumer fast pace of life style and popular.

Science and technology and disposable consumption. As mentioned above, disposable consumption is the product of the rapid development of economy, the rapid development of science and technology, and the production of socialized mass production, which is the product of modern industrial civilization. Without the revolution of science and technology, no one would be free from the natural liberation and material abundance, and there would be no disposable consumption. It can be said that the advance of science and technology is the basic condition of disposable consumption.

Initially, the style of the disposable slippers to had been compared, single is simple white slippers, what design and color is above all have no, with the improvement of people's aesthetic view, the style of the disposable slippers is no longer a single, but there are a variety of specifications and a variety of styles, so the disposable slippers development potential is very great.

Disposable slippers are more water-repellable and water-absorbent, and have a certain permeability and thermal insulation, so as not to sweat or get too cold feet. And it's comfortable to wear, and the fabric is soft; The most important thing is that the price is lower and consumers can accept it.

Now hotel, the guesthouse of disposable slippers recycling can do model for environmental protection, disposable slippers or bathing, shampoo and so on recycling, save resources, attach importance to environmental protection set a good example for other enterprises and citizens. In the production process, the production of disposable slippers to the rising number of raw materials, it has the characteristics of also constantly increased, so it seems, disposable slippers development potential is very great.