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Travel Items Travel Essential
- Sep 25, 2017 -

Travel Items Travel essential

Travel goods, literally explained should be used to travel out of the goods needed. Is essential to travel items, and now a popular travel, we ALICE are known as naked tour, but the risk of naked travel, especially for novice or friends for the first time to travel, it is recommended to bring more travel supplies. More attention to the environmental health of the tourist destination and the local customs and habits of what travel: is to seek spiritual pleasure for the non-settlement travel and travel in the process of all the relations and the occurrence of the sum of the phenomenon.

Classification editor

1: Required documents and banknotes

Documents: ID cards, passports and other documents to prove their identity.

Banknotes: bank cards, credit cards, flow notes, coins.

2: toiletries

Toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, soap, soap, head comb, razor, shampoo, shower gel, etc.

3: daily necessities

Cup, kettle, flashlight, knife, steel pot, tsp, hanger, rope, net pocket, needle and thread, skin care oil, etc.

4: clothes shoes and hats

Shirts, underwear, socks, sportswear, bath suits, slippers, sneakers, summer bras, winter warm hats, etc.

5: spare drugs

Cool oil, Ren Dan, anti-cold, diarrhea, copper plaque, anti-motion sickness drugs and my own drugs

6: Camping supplies

Such as tents, sleeping bags, bed and so on

7: special supplies

Hiking is the most important thing to have a pair of comfortable and easy to travel shoes, such as travel shoes, shoes, shoes, etc., should not wear new shoes. The clothes are best spread throughout the sweat and heat of cotton. Summer jacket can wear lapel sweatshirt long sleeve, preferably long sleeves, to avoid exposure to the arm. But also to bring a straw hat, a pair of sun visors, a bottle of sunscreen. Spring wear high collar sweater, winter wear light and warm down jacket. Four seasons should bring some turpentine and leg pain when used.

Climbing tourism

Mountaineering is the same as a hiking individual, but requires an iron-edged hill or stick. The selection of the cane should be strong and light, its length varies from person to person, generally its chest is better, the shape is best one end straight, one end has a hook. This cane can not only do the handrails, and can be used when necessary to do hook.

If you want to climb the steep peaks, snow-capped mountains, in advance must be fully prepared. The use of high-altitude tents, alpine backpack, sleeping bags, mountain climbing rope, rock nails, seat belts, the size of iron locks, rope sets, ice picks, rock hammer, small ice picks, crampons, snow sticks, helmets, Skateboarding, alpine glasses, down jacket, windbreaker, sweaters, gloves, socks, cold hat, ice picks, snow cone, cooking utensils, stoves and so on.