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Travel Items Wearing Supplies
- Jun 30, 2017 -

Travel Items Wearing supplies

Wearing supplies

First, clothing articles

1. Emergency clothing (outdoor activities necessary, wind, water, breathable, wear ... ...); Fleece (including WINDSTOPPER, mainly wind, warm); Perspiration underwear (dry after exercise to keep the body dry); Quick drying clothes (summer travel must, pants, sleeves best can be detachable); Down jacket (winter travel or go to the plateau of the warm necessary); Other personal clothing (disposable underwear, T-shirt T-shirt ...)

Second, footwear articles

1. Hiking shoes (strong adaptability, wear, waterproof, preferably in the high help, you can protect the ankle); Light sports shoes (suitable for general outings, or when driving); Sports sandals (when the slippers can wear, summer walking can also be directly wear); Sweat socks (row of sweat, winter can prevent frostbite); Ordinary sports socks (cotton, wearing comfortable on the line); Snow cover (in the snow or muddy section is useful)

Three hat

Contrast the color combination is the key to popular, hat and clothes color difference is large, it may appear short stature. Hat and clothes with the same color, can give a slender impression. Hat color depends on face correction, yellow face is not suitable for yellow-green color, optional gray powder and other colors. Skin color black or white people choose the room is relatively large.

Rusty people, choose the sun hat color range is broader, with a lot of color coordination. Gray and white people, suitable for use in the middle of the color is not high, such as jade white, stone green, light blue, brown, lavender, etc., do not choose too gorgeous colors.

White skin, the hat for the color is more, but because the white skin is easy to give a sense of soft, so the election hat, should avoid the choice of white or close to the white color. Dark skin in the selection of bright colors when the hat, pay attention to the overall effect of clothing.

Yellow skin people should not wear yellow, green hat, but if the deep brown, purple lotus, crab green, rice gray and other colors to the hat and clothing with the appropriate together, but also get better results.

In most people's impression, cotton is a comfortable material, but in the outdoor hat is rarely used.

Cotton has a good moisture absorption capacity, wet cotton is often difficult to dry, coupled with the heat of the performance, so that those who wear in the summer under the hot and wet, the outdoor has become a pain. Improper selection, often make the effect counterproductive.

People's face has egg type, fat type, square type and the word type of points. Fat face type if you wear a dome hat will be significant face, hat small, if the choice of large cap is more appropriate. Egg-shaped face wearing a cap on the face even more big and small, more weight loss. Choose a dome cap is more appropriate.

Round face: face looks not so full, can be suitable for longer cap crown with asymmetric hat, so you can increase the length of the face, it seems three-dimensional.

Triangle face: because the chin is relatively sharp, so the high hat crown or short and asymmetrical cap, it is very suitable, people ignore the sharp chin.

Square face and character face of the people choose the sun hat is relatively easy. Square face: conspicuous cap crown and irregular side, can make the square face looks soft. Long face: As the curvature of the face is relatively narrow, so the appropriate cap is particularly important, avoid the hat too narrow.

Four, gloves

Thin gloves (mainly for the convenience of activities, such as can take pictures and other useful); thick gloves (mainly warm effect).

Five glasses

For the beach, skiing, mountain climbing and other strong sunlight, the sunglasses should have anti-ultraviolet function.

Many sports have special sunglasses. For those who love golf and tennis, 25% of the light transmittance is specially designed for low reflectivity of the lawn. Amber lenses can increase contrast and absorb blue light, helping to visualize the sport's comfort.

Do sunbathing or skiing, you can choose red lenses. People who swim in the outdoors are better to wear a swimming goggles that are treated with UV rays. The professional ski mirror mirror by the anti-fog, anti-UV coating made of colored materials, twisted only when the deformation does not break, to avoid the human face damage.