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Woodcarving Maintenance
- Dec 01, 2016 -

One, woodcarving handicraft is unfavorable and high temperature exposure

And other works, wood carving crafts are out of place in high temperature environment, the sun will make wooden brittle hard, texture damage instead, especially not in the balcony, should also be beside the curtain on the window, patronage. The woodiness is hard, such as longan woodcarving should avoid sun exposure, the display of goods are to be kept indoors in humid environment, to prevent weather-shack. Woodcarving craft should not be placed in open flame, fire wall, fire resistance, near the fire.

Second, wood carving handicraft is unfavorable on wet or dry indoor.

In a very humid environment, part of the woodcarving handicraft of "MAO". For example, green wingceltis handicraft will spit out the silver silk. Although it is a beautiful scenery, but as far as I know a lot of people don't like.

Too dry environment, the woodcarving handicraft some parts may be cracking phenomenon. And everyone is now at a much higher standard of living than in the past. The simplest is embodied in the life in the north have central heating in the winter, summer can blow air conditioning. So must pay attention to the woodcarving handicraft don't to blow air conditioning tuyere straight. Don't put him in a heating pipe.

Three, unfavorable use towel to wipe with water

Unfavorable with water a towel to wipe, appropriate is used to contain wax or pure cotton towel containing fat is preferred. A lot of people bought the woodcarving handicraft, like get wet dishcloth to wipe. If often get wet dishcloth, can make the water into the wood carving, woodcarving, gradually will damage so can use when cleanness dry cotton cloth or a feather duster will be wiped the dust on the woodcarving handicraft, if found the woodcarving handicraft gloss is not good, can use the brush to wax polish on the surface of the wood carving handicraft, use cloth wipe the polishing. Or a fabric containing wax or containing fat wipe the usual according to indoor clean or not, often with dry cotton cloth or a feather duster to woodcarving handicraft wiped the dust, to show its natural beauty, if it is found that wood carving handicraft gloss is not good, can use the brush to wax polish on the surface of the wood carving handicraft, use cloth wipe the polishing. Some walnut oil, of course, also can dip in with pure cotton towel gently wipe over the surface of the wood carving handicraft also can achieve the ideal effect. But avoid by all means, don't use towel to wipe with water, it will make the wood carving handicraft is too wet, but can not reach the expected effect, annatto, small often wipe can more red, and can add a quaint artistic conception.